High-quality job growth and economic development 

In my final stages of my Masters of Business Administration, I recognize the importance of high-quality jobs and economic vitality of a region. The region has experienced an exciting economic recovery since the 2008 downturn, but we must remain mindful that many citizens have not yet realized the benefits of this recovery. Specifically, I am excited about the economic revitalization of Detroit, which has been concentrated in Detroit's downtown and midtown core. Going forward, we must build on this momentum to bolster existing businesses working hard to provide goods and services to their communities. If elected, I will work tirelessly, in collaboration with business leaders at all levels, to ensure that all of the citizens of my district have access to high-quality jobs.

World-class education and youth service programs

As the son of a Detroit public school teacher, I value the opportunities that education has given me.  I believe that providing a high-quality, equitable education to our children not only makes sense, but it's also simply the right thing to do. It's critical that children across Michigan, especially those in District 2, have access to a high-quality school option in their neighborhood regardless of their socio-economic background. Fundamentally, this means ensuring that the schools have the resources to prepare our children to succeed in the 21st century.

I understand that we must take a holistic approach to supporting our young people as they grow. Students need access to high-quality services that care for their social, emotional, and physical health as well. Of course, the government cannot be reasonably expected to serve this need alone, which is why I will work across the public and private sectors, in collaboration with leaders already doing work in our communities, to strengthen the web of support for children. We need to ensure that organizations serving our youth -- from nonprofits to entire school systems -- have the necessary resources to provide youth with the proper stability to help them have a successful transition into adulthood.

Lastly, in our effort to educate the future leaders, we should be considerate of the hardships that many parents face in their efforts to provide a high-quality life for their children. Which is why I am a strong advocate for organizations that empower parents to be their best selves.

Effective public transit for metropolitan Detroit 

I believe that transportation is more than just getting around. It means holding down a job, getting there on time, and accessing resources that are otherwise out of reach. Public transportation also brings people together. We all know that the benefits of public transportation systems are numerous. The freedom to find a job a little further away, attend a better school, and shop at a grocery store is essential. Detroit and its closest neighbors, including Grosse Pointe, have fallen behind in the investment required to modernize the roads and support public transit options. In order to compete against other top-tier cities, the Detroit region needs a comprehensive, inclusive, and cost-effective public transit system.

Practical beautification of our main thoroughfares 

The physical spaces in our communities are a reflection of ourselves.The Jefferson, Mack, and Kercheval Avenues serve as welcoming gateways to our neighbors and should be the cornerstones of redevelopment efforts. Blight removal and beautification along these corridors are important to our local commerce and security of our district, which will have spillover effects to our property values and quality of life. I will champion revitalization efforts already underway to improve these main thoroughfares and pursue opportunities to bring additional resources to accelerate the effort.

Stronger collaboration between cities

The challenges of our world are complex and the citizens of District 2 are diverse in many ways, but in the end, we all want the same things, health, wealth, and happiness. We all share a common desire to keep our homes safe, our neighborhoods vibrant and ensure we are moving forward together. Ultimately, we are stronger working together than against one another, as regional cooperation is vital for our region to once again become an economic force in our nation and beyond. There are many collaborative policy initiatives we could adopt to cultivate this teamwork across the region, but more importantly, we must adopt a shared mindset about the success of our communities. The person elected to represent District 2 has the unique responsibility to serve the interests of both Detroit and Grosse Pointe, not one or the other. I am committed to empathizing with the concerns of all citizens of the district, working in partnership with community leaders to make sure we grow stronger together, and ensuring that Michigan’s 2nd District’s voice is heard in the debate at the state level.